Home Care

SIPTU’s Home Care Campaign is about building quality jobs and quality care for all Homecare workers and their clients.

“The work we do is vital to the community” – Mary Stephenson – SIPTU Home Care worker

If you are a Home Care worker in Dublin and want to receive a free Information Pack on this campaign, please contact us on the details below:

  • Dave Curran, SIPTU Organiser – 01 8794358
  • Yvonne O’Callaghan, SIPTU Organiser – 01 8794369 or email organising@siptu.ie

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By becoming better organised through SIPTU the Home Care Union, HSE Home Care workers were able to achieve a reversal of cuts to services, the ending of 15 minute calls, a new contract guaranteeing hours and earnings, the elimination of zero hour contracts and a halt to the slide to privatisation.

In the second phase of the campaign Home Care workers from the not for profit sector are now organising to win a better deal.

We are campaigning for:

  • The time to care for our clients
  • Better Care for the elderly
  • An end to zero hour contracts
  • Respect for ALL Home Care clients and workers
  • Guaranteed hours
  • Job security
  • Quality jobs for home care workers, quality care for our clients.
  • A say in the future of our service,
  • To keep profit out of eldercare

Download the latest SIPTU Home Helps Newsletter.