Support Grades Sector

The Support Sector organises workers in support services grades in all types of settings in both public and private healthcare facilities. This includes amongst others, catering staff, cleaning staff and domestics, porters, physio assistants, Chefs, CSSD/ HSSD technicians, security, and maintenance staff. It’s a diverse and strong sector of the Union with a history of campaigning on important issues to healthcare workers. Our members play an important role in the functioning of the health services.

Recent achievements by the Support Sector includes:
1) Ensuring the implementation of the HSE support grade job evaluation scheme through industrial action.
2) Achieving significant pay increases for many of our members in support services through the job evaluation scheme
3) Proper Grade recognition for Chefs

The Sector has now turned its attention towards campaigning on ensuring the full implementation of outcomes of the Job Evaluation.

The Sector is also seeking to strengthen requirements on public sector employers to the use of direct labour to the greatest extent possible to ensure the value of directly employed workers is recognised fully for the important roles they play in the provision of services within the Health Sector.