About us


SIPTU represents over 45,000 core health care workers across the country. Our members are the backbone of our public and private health service and make a major contribution every day to improve the quality of people’s lives by delivering essential front line services and community care.

The size of our membership give us strength and influence but the real power of our Union comes from our members and activists. Our Union structure has been developed to ensure that every member has an opportunity to make his or her voice heard on every issue.

Union members are entitled – and encouraged – to take part in the discussions and the democratic ballots on the matters facing the Union at local and national level. Your rights as a member of the Union carry with them a responsibility to abide by the decisions determined by an open and democratic process.

So once a vote is taken, members are expected to respect the majority decision.

It is this concept of collective action – based on the principle that unity is strength – that enables the Union to educate, agitate and organise for fairness at work and justice in society.