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The circumstances that lead people to Join SIPTU can vary, but the underlying reason is the desire for effective representation in the workplace and in work-related issues. SIPTU’s core objective is to secure the best possible standard of living for its members.

In times past, the focus for this objective was very simple – improving pay and conditions in the workplace. But, more recently, the Union and its members have recognised that living standards are decided by much more than pay and conditions alone. Our overall quality of life can also be affected by factors like taxation levels and the quality of a living wage as well as issues relating to dignity at work and job security.

SIPTU works on these and other issues on many fronts at both local and national level – with the same underlying objective of advancing the best interests of its members. Join SIPTU online today.

Download a membership form and send it to SIPTU, Finance & Administration Dept, Liberty Hall, Eden Quay, Dublin 1.

You can also sign up online