SIPTU Health Division organises workers in a specific areas of the health service, allowing for greater coordination of activities and the pooling of information across industries and services. Each Division is led and coordinated by a Divisional Organiser and an elected Divisional Committee.

Within each Division, activities are further divided into Sectors dealing with Union operations in similar employments and associated services.

Each Sector is led and co-ordinated by a Sector Organiser and an elected Sector Committee.

The work of Division and Sector Organisers is assisted by Industrial Organisers and Assistant Industrial Organisers as well as SIPTU Administrative staff.

Each individual union section, with its own Section Committee and Shop Steward based on individual places of employment is assisted in its activities directly by the Sector Organiser and their staff.

A core principle underlying the organising model of trade union activity is giving power directly to union members. To assist this SIPTU holds regular conferences at various levels of the organisation where committees and members representatives are democratically elected. All union members are encouraged to play an active role in both implementation and deciding upon SIPTU policy.