SIPTU Health Division organises workers across the public and private health service. Each Division is led and coordinated by a Divisional Organiser and an elected Divisional Committee.

Within the division activities are divided into Sectors dealing with Union operations in similar employments and associated services. Each Sector is led and coordinated by a Sector Organiser and an elected Sector Committee.

The work of Division and Sector Organisers is assisted by Industrial Organisers and Assistant Industrial Organisers as well as Union Administrative staff.

Each individual Union Section, with its own Section Committee and Shop Steward based on individual places of employment is assisted in its activities directly by the Sector Organiser and their staff.


Divisional Organiser
  • Paul Bell

  • Divisional Organiser

About Paul

Paul Bell is the Divisional Organiser for the SIPTU Health Division.
Paul is responsible for the day to day running of the Health Division and has special responsibility for representation of Support Grade Staff across our hospitals and health facilities.

A lifelong Trade Unionist, Activist and Organiser Paul began representing workers as a shop steward in Becton Dickinson and Company, before joining SIPTU in a full time capacity in 1995 when he got to work organising workers in Shannon Airport.

Paul went on to gain valuable negotiating and campaigning experience in Brussels on the EU duty free campaign and was then appointed in 1998 as Branch Secretary of SIPTU's Dublin Health Service Branch.

Paul is a tried and tested trade union representative and has tirelessly advocated and campaigned for ordinary working people and those marginalised in our community for basic rights. He offers leadership and vision in working for a fair and just society. Paul works everyday to strengthen workers rights and their existing agreements in relation to the prevention of outsourcing based on a value for money and efficiency basis.