Reasons to Join SIPTU


Over 200,000 workers in Ireland are getting organised to win with SIPTU – men and women just like you.

We are encouraging you to join us and be a part of the change you want to see in your society and workplace.

It’s not easy to win change. The only way we can do it is if we are organised and unionised.

Organised to stand together in times of cut-backs and privatisation, organised to fight against zero hours contracts, organised to stand against working poor wages and workplace discrimination. Most importantly, we must organise the unorganised. In order to be able to win the fight for better public services, fairness in work and justice in society.

  • By standing together we will ensure that you are consulted about all the major decisions affecting your work.
  • By standing together we will ensure that every worker gets a fair days wage for a fair days work.
  • By standing together we will ensure that we deliver a fairer, more equitable, society for the many, not the few.

Whatever the issue – from understanding your first pay slip to working out your retirement pension and everything in between –SIPTU will offer you advice, encouragement and support.

Every day in all kinds of ways, SIPTU is making a positive difference in the lives of men and women in Ireland – by fighting to improve living standards, increasing employment opportunities and fighting for Better Health Care Better Jobs.

Join us today.