Intellectual Disability Sector

SIPTU’s Intellectual Disability Sector organises workers in residential and community based intellectual disability centres including care support workers, day service instructors and a variety of support grades. The Sector is comprised predominately of members employed in Section 38 voluntary organisations and Section 39 voluntary agencies, with smaller numbers employed directly by the HSE and private locations.

The ID Sector is currently involved in several campaigns including:
1) Campaigning for pay justice in the Section 39 Sector – Section 39 agencies are organisations that are funded by the public purse, but whose workers are not considered public servants. They provide many essential services on behalf of the state but are extremely important in the provision of disability services.
2) Pursuing a claim for an examination of the role of Care Assistant Intellectual Disability (CAID) due to the evolving nature of their role, resulting from the de-congregation of services.
3) Actively engaging with employers around issues relating to the de-congregation of services from institutional based settings.