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05/04/2020 Comments are off SIPTU Health

Thank you to all our Frontline Heroes

From treating and caring for the ill and vulnerable, providing public transport, maintaining essential supply chains, manufacturing medical devices and medicines, collecting refuse, cleaning, retail workers, administrators, maintaining our critical infrastructure and numerous other forms of essential work, SIPTU members are not only on the frontline of our response to the virus but are the backbone of our economy and society.

Members of our SIPTU Health Division have been tasked with continuing to do what is essential work in these extraordinary times. Our union is here to support you and all of our members in this fight against COVID-19.

This week, SIPTU representatives called on Government to prioritise childcare arrangements for all health workers, enhanced COVID-19 testing of all health workers and to work towards a testing policy that safeguards our health workers, patients and community. We also raised members concerns on the suitability or PPE equipment and sought an immediate and transparent analysis of the health settings where over 900 health workers have so far tested positive for COVID-19 in order to assist with the process of finding solutions that can enhance protections for staff, communities and patients.

Our union intends to recognise our members as ‘Frontline Heroes’ in a media and online campaign that will seek to ensure that the general public understands the value of these essential workers and the work that they do.

Members can follow the campaign on SIPTU’s social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

Through recognising our SIPTU Frontline Heroes, we recognise our members’ contribution to the national effort to fight the coronavirus and to keeping our society and economy going during this unprecedented public health emergency.

On Friday, 24th April our union will take part in a global day of online action with health workers across the world that will give an international and collective voice to all Frontline Health Heroes.

You can be a part of the campaign by emailing a picture of you and or your colleagues in the workplace to or by sending a member of our team PM on Facebook or Twitter

Keep safe. Keep well and thank you.

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