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21/03/2020 Comments are off SIPTU Health

Thank you to all our #FrontlineHeroes

The spread of the COVID-19 virus has created profound uncertainty over the health and financial security of working people and their families across the island. Our members are deeply concerned with the effects of this crisis on their jobs and families.

We want you to know that your Union is in your corner and that we will stand with you through all challenges that will emerge over the coming weeks and months.

This national emergency we are all facing requires all our efforts and team work to ensure that our health service operates to its maximum in the defence of our citizens and communities.

During this emergency, the principles of social justice and solidarity, upon which this Union is founded, must be applied if we are to ensure that our society overcomes, and recovers from, this unprecedented public health crisis.

Our members, working in health, deliver quality services and provide vital expertise across all grades. In these challenging times, our members are demonstrating tremendous courage and determination in service of our country. Our 42,000 health service members, in all grades, are the frontline defence of our nation’s health and are caring for the most vulnerable in our society who need of our support, assurance and care.

You are our #FrontLineHeroes

Regular communication and accurate information is crucial in any crisis to support our members. SIPTU Health Division has set up a new information line to deal with any specific COVID-19 workplace queries.

Our SIPTU Health Division App will also be regularly updated. We would encourage you to download it today.

The COVID-19 outbreak will test each and every one of us, but we are confident that by working together and supporting each other, we can beat this.

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