State Registration

Smiling businessman drinking coffee with his colleagues during coffee break

State registration  for all radiographers and radiation therapists is here.

Our union committed to supporting our members through the process of state registration and initiated a campaign highlighting the benefit of union membership through normal industrial relations activity and indeed potential Fitness to Practice complaints procedures.

The importance of State registration through its focus on protecting the public and indeed that of SIPTU membership in supporting our members through any issues that may arise can not be under estimated. We look forward to a new chapter in the working lives of all radiographers and radiation therapists that make a vital contribution every day in our health services. We would like to thank all the members for their support throughout the campaign by carrying our message into workplaces and across social media.

Click to watch a small movie with commentary from two of our national executive members, Joe McManus (UHG RT) and Kate Hanrahan (CUH Rad)