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SIPTU Nursing Midwifery – National Talks update

This is an important update for SIPTU members regarding recent national nursing talks.

Members will be aware the Labour Court has recently issued a second recommendation dealing exclusively with key issues of dispute with the proposed contract for Enhanced Nurse or Midwife within General/ID/Care of the Older Person.

This includes reference to Senior Staff Nurse/Midwife. This document is available here.

  • The recommendation from the Labour Court has provided alternative wording for the draft contract and other related claims such as: location, rosters, duties, qualifying criteria and effect on nurses or midwives who do not accept the new contract but who are a new entrant since 2011.
  • In addition, following issue of the Labour Court recommendation, the Department of Health has forwarded a revised draft contract for General/ID/Care of the Older Person. This document is available here.
  • The new draft contract provides the revised wording recommended by the Labour Court and expressly outlines the required level of flexibility on appointment re: Locations and Rosters. Please find a recent SIPTU update issued on this issue here.
  • Following receipt of the revised draft contract for Enhanced Nurse or Midwife, SIPTU has been advised by the Department of Health, an explanatory document is being prepared by employers to outline the various elements of the contract including the required level of flexibility regarding location and rosters expected of enhanced nurses or midwives.
  • As stated, the above-mentioned draft contract does not refer to Mental Health. Specific discussions regarding mental health services will continue over the coming weeks to advance all matters relating to a proposed contract for Enhanced Nursing within that service. We will seek to keep members appraised of developments.
  • The proposed contract for Enhanced Nurse or Midwife will only be an option for the grades of staff nurse/midwife or senior staff nurse/midwife. A template pay scale for the proposed Enhanced Nurse or Midwife & Senior Enhanced Nurse or Midwife is available overleaf.
  • Proposals outline all other nursing/midwifery grades will be subject to an Expert Review. The Terms of Reference, including timeframe, for this proposed review have not yet been completed. SIPTU is awaiting receipt of same.

In summary, SIPTU has committed to bring the full detail of proposals to our members for consideration following receipt of same. To date, we have received a draft contract for Enhanced Nurse or Midwife within General/ID/Care of the Older Person. We have not received the explanatory document from the employer which we believe is crucial for any nurse or midwife considering the merit of the proposed new contractSIPTU is also awaiting receipt of the Terms of Reference for the proposed Expert Review for promoted nurse and midwife grades.

Equally, it is essential that all negotiations are completed prior to SIPTU considering appropriate next steps including consultation with our membership.

This will require the completion of the outstanding process regarding Mental Health which remains underway.

Proposed Pay Scale & Pathway for Enhanced Nurse/Midwife (rates are as 01/04/2019)

Existing pay scale for Staff Nurse

  1. 29,346 (point 2 after 16 weeks)
  2. 31,110 (move to next point on annual increment date and each year thereafter. Existing point 2 will be skipped in future pay scales. Nurses or Midwives who do not undertake the Enhanced Nurse or Midwife role will proceed up this scale from point 3 after 16 weeks on point 1 above. Each increment will be applied annually as per existing practice.)
  3. 32,171
  4. 33,367
  5. 34,876
  6. 36,383
  7. 37,883
  8. 39,180
  9. 40,480
  10. 41,775
  11. 43,070
  12. 44,343
  13. 45,701 LSI

Proposed Pay Scale for Enhanced Nurse

  1. 29,346 (move to point 2 after 16 weeks)
  2. 32,171 (move to point 3 after 12 months)

Access to Enhanced Scale after 12 months on Point 2 subject to meeting Qualifying Criteria

  1. 35,806
  2. 38,062
  3. 39,265
  4. 40,191
  5. 41,212
  6. 42,570
  7. 43,893
  8. 45,841
  9. 47,201 LSI

ExistingSenior Staff Nurse Pay Scale

  1. 47,898

EnhancedSenior Staff Nurse Pay Scale (subject to meeting Qualifying Criteria) 

  1. 49,471

Access to Senior Staff Nurse grade is reduced from 20 years verifiable service to 17 years verifiable service as per recommendations of the Public Service Pay Commission published in 2018. Access to the Enhanced Senior Staff Nurse grade will be determined by meeting relevant qualifying criteria including: verifiable service and terms & conditions associated with the post.

Location & Qualification Allowances:

Current rates of the above allowances increased by 20% as per recommendations of the Public Service Pay Commission published in 2018. Extension for access to the allowances to include Maternity Services. Department of Health has advised SIPTU the proposed extension for access to these allowances to Medical/Surgical wards is subject to a total funding cap of €10million.

Existing rate of Specialist Qualification Allowance: 2,703

Proposed New rate of Specialist Qualification Allowance (subject to meeting criteria): €3,243.60

Existing rate of Location Allowance: €1,800

Proposed New rate of Location Allowance (subject to meeting criteria): €2,160

*Above mentioned allowances are as per qualifying criteria and rules for payment as set out within relevant Department of Health and Health Service Executive Circulars.


** Specific Pay Scales will be developed for Mental Health Services following completion of service specific talks with the Department of Health, Health Service Executive and Department of Public Expenditure & Reform**



The update relating to pay rates and allowances provided within this document is based on existing information available to SIPTU at the time of publication. SIPTU does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided and reserves the right to amend, alter or remove same at any time in the future. The information relating to pay rates and allowances is subject to qualifying criteria and acceptance of same by the applicant nurse or midwife. This update is provided for information purposes only and does not infer or confirm any contractual employment rights on any individual. This update is advanced in good faith and is deemed to be accepted on this basis. The update is for information sharing on a ‘without prejudice’ basis. The update does not remove the right of SIPTU to advance any collective industrial relations issues relating to the information provided which it deems fitting and appropriate to the body of its membership.


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