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SIPTU members: Vaccination update

SIPTU Health representatives attended a meeting with national vaccination team today (Wednesday, 30th June). The following update was received.

Updated NIAC advice received by HSE

  • Astra Zeneca and Janssen may now be offered to anyone left to receive any vaccine – previously only offered to over 50s.
  • HSE working on updated advice to put plans in place. The remaining categories will be offered the option of availing of one of the above vaccines if it means they will get access to a vaccination sooner instead of having to wait for a MRNA vaccine. Predominately, this will mean all remaining categories from 34 years and under will be given the option of the above vaccines or wait longer for a MRNA vaccine.
  • HSE looking at updating registration process for this cohort with revised questionnaires on registration form, updating the consent form and more information on the available vaccines offered.Updated advice – Astra Zeneca dose intervals back to 4 weeks.
  • HSE were trying to complete all outstanding seconddoses by week commencing 19th July. 
  • Under revised criteria they are working towards completion of all outstanding 2nd doses by end of next week where possible – Some healthcare workers still to receive 2nd dose will be included in this group.
  • HSE COO has written to each CEO in the hospital groups to ensure all staff encompassed by this are afforded access to their 2nd vaccine dose in line with the updated interval between doses.
  • HSE still operating on 340k appointments a week at present based on available vaccines.
  • HSE envisage spare appointment capacity from week commencing 12th July  based on current available MRNA (Pfizer / Moderna) stock of 150k /180k per week.  The remainder of appointments can be made up in registrations for Astra Zeneca  / Janssen based on uptake in remaining categories.
  • HSE continuing to roll out 2nd dose MRNA (Pfizer / Moderna) vaccines in the 4 week timeframe.
  • General Practitioners continuing to roll out to the cohorts assigned to them.
  • Pharmacists continuing to roll out Janssen vaccine to over 50s
  • 200K Janssen vaccines due between now and end of July (inclusive of existing stock in system, pharmacies, storage etc).
  • HSE advised that the Helix vaccination centre will transfer to the Convention Centre in Santry which can provide a better layout.
  • Meath 2nd vaccination centre up in running in Fairyhouse, with an ongoing increase in the number of available booths as staffing levels improve there.
  • CHO 1 and CHO 8 continuing to actively recruit vaccinators. All other areas reduced to recruitment of replacement or specific posts as they arise.
  • The Union’s and the HSE agreed to meet again next Wednesday (6th July) for a further update.

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