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25/05/2021 Comments are off AideenC

SIPTU members update: HSE pay

SIPTU Health representatives attended a meeting with national Health Service Executive (HSE) officials this afternoon (Tuesday, 25th May) regarding HSE Pay. 
The following update was received:

  • HSE representatives advised union representatives that normal payroll will proceed in the main for this week, including the payment of pensions.
  • SIPTU representatives were advised that significant work was undertaken to achieve this as full data entry/input was required as existing files were not accessible due to the recent attack.
  • We understand some isolated issues may arise and, if so, staff members should raise these issues locally in the first instance.
  • Union representatives were advised a separate system applies in Portiuncula Hospital and a previous bank file is being used for the purpose of paying staff in the week ahead.
  • We understand challenges relating to payroll may continue for the next number of weeks given the need to manually input data into the central pay system.
  • The HSE and Union representatives have agreed to maintain a weekly briefing to confirm arrangements for pay which will apply for the next pay period.
  • SIPTU representatives were informed deductions are being made from pay, however, the payment of these deductions to third parties, such as insurance providers or credit unions, is not possible due to the shutting down of the IT system.
  • We understand that third parties are being informed deductions are being made from payroll as normal and will be passed on as soon as the IT system is reopened.
  • We were advised that the HSE is in direct contact with Revenue as they are not able to upload payments deducted for the purpose of income tax until the IT system reopens.
  • Union representatives requested an update regarding the payment of Mileage & Subsistence. We were informed a standardised system for these payments is not in place and there may be issues in some areas, while not in others. We requested an update and this was committed to by the HSE.

Unions again sought clarification of the extent of personal information of staff, held by the HSE as the employer, which may have been compromised by the cyber-attack. This includes whether personal financial information of staff held by the HSE has been breached by the attack. The HSE stated they had not received confirmation that personal staff information had been breached and committed to seeking clarification on this matter. The HSE stated they would seek clarification of the extent, if any, staff personal information was breached by the recent attack and would revert to the unions as soon as possible. 

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