SIPTU College

SIPTU College provides professional trade union services to Shop Stewards, Activists and Staff in the Union.

Education and Training (HETAC & FETAC)
Courses, seminars and workshops are provided on union organising, collective bargaining, negotiating skills, equality, health and safety, occupational pension schemes, employment law, communications, economics, systems and forms of work organisation and Sector specific training in building the union, organising and negotiating strategies.

Industrial Engineering
Information, advice and on-the-job assistance is provided by Industrial Engineers in dealing with matters relating to job content, work organisation, work design, working time and rosters, pay and reward systems.

Health and Safety
The Health and Safety Unit provides information, advice and on-the-job support in dealing with matters relating to occupational hygiene, workplace health and safety, safety inspections, hazard investigations and the implementation of health and safety legislation and regulations. Specialist support is available to Safety Representatives and Committees in making work and the work environment safe and healthy for Union members.

Contact: SIPTU College
Tel: 01 4530199