Sector Committee

Sector Committees have responsibility for the general direction of the Sector, subject to the Rules of the Union and the instructions of the Divisional Committee/Divisional Organiser. In particular, Sector Committees have responsibility for the following:

  • Organising workers into the Union.
  • Establishing shop stewards, workplace union organisation and member representation in the Sector.
  • Identifying and developing union activists in the Sector.
  • Assisting union members conclude collective agreements with their employers.
  • Educating members on the role of trade unions in the protection and advancement of workers’ economic, industrial and social objectives.
  • Promoting and defending the members’ interests with their employer.
  • Nominating delegates to attend the Divisional Biennial Delegate Conference and to the National Biennial Delegate Conference.
  • Nominating candidates to contest elections for the Divisional Committee, the National Executive Council, National Trustees and National Executive Officers

A Divisional Committee, or a Sector Committee with the approval of the Divisional Committee, may from time to time establish subsidiary representative bodies/units of organisation in the Sector.