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Sunday Read: Racism has no place in politics

The poison of racism has been brought into politics in Ireland in recent months. Ahead of General Election 2020, incoming SIPTU General Secretary, Joe Cunningham, has made the position of the union on racist and anti-immigrant approach to politics clear.

He said: “Racist and anti-immigrant sentiment should have no place in politics in Ireland. As trade unionists stopping the spread of such vile views is a crucial task as the spread of racism can only lead to division between workers. Such division makes the core task of our union, improving the living standards of members and their families, much more difficult. The spread of racism and anti-immigrant sentiment is also corrosive to our society and the general wellbeing of communities across the country.”

He added: “I would call upon SIPTU members to make clear their abhorrence for those who would seek to use racist and immigrant sentiment to further their own political agendas. SIPTU members should vote for those candidates who will further the interests of all workers and not seek to divide us.”

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