Interns Scheme


The Lansdowne Road Agreement has been ratified and this Circular gives effect to the commitments contained in the Chairman’s note, as part of that process, namely:

1) Subject to satisfactory service, the current cohort of Interns will be appointed to posts in the health service after 18 months.

2) Such interns will be appointed to the next favourable point on the appropriate scale, almost always the 1st point.

All such staff with 18 months satisfactory service on, or from, the date of ratification of the LRA, the 8th September 2015, have the provisions of the agreement applied to them.

The parties are currently engaged in a process of reviewing the current and future requirements and this will be concluded in due course. Consequently, pending the outcome of this process there should be no recruitment of support grades to positions in services where there are existing interns in situ, unless such positions have been made available to those interns in the first instance.

The initial scheme for interns has been concluded, however appointments currently being processed, should be brought to conclusion.

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