Divisional Committee

Divisional Committees have responsibility for the general direction of the Division, subject to the rules of the Union. In particular, they have responsibility for the following:

  • Organising and organisation, communications and the promotion of the Union in the Division.
  • Coordinating, conducting and executing divisional industrial business and activities.
  • Educating, training and developing Union activists in the Division.
  • Maximising responses to member’s needs.
  • Promoting and developing industrial democracy and industrial cohesion generally.
  • Making recommendations to the National Executive Council of the Union.
  • Directing all matters concerning Union organising and servicing.
  • Caring for and supervising the use of Union premises, property and equipment in the Division.
  • Convening the Divisional Biennial Delegate Conference.
  • Discharging all business assigned to it by the National Executive Council.

Divisional Committees may appoint sub-committees, project teams/task forces and delegate to them such of their powers as they think fit.