Our members are on the frontline of our health services and do not always have time to attend union meetings or campaign rallies.

That’s why we have developed an online community of SIPTU members and potential members to add their voice to our campaigns and to support our push for Better Healthcare, Better Jobs.

We encourage members and potential members to join, share and contribute to the SIPTU conversation online.

It’s very important that every member has the opportunity to make a contribution.

For members, we are developing a digital activism toolkit. This will be a step by step guide to show members how to use petitions, widgets, email, letters, social networking sites, blogs, photos and videos that will support you in your work as a SIPTU Digital activist.

Don’t forget, if you log into SIPTU Health plus you can download our Activist Tool Kit. The kit is designed to give members access to the resources they need to run a successful workplace campaign. It is a one stop shop with tips for running effective campaigns and how to educate, agitate and organise with free downloadable posters, flyers and information sheets.

Remember: The wider our interaction, the larger our audience, the stronger our campaign