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Valuing Community – National Day of Protest

A national rally will be held in early May in support of SIPTU members in the Community and Voluntary Sector, some of whom have not received a pay rise in twelve years. Many workers in this sector are also precariously employed with little or no pension cover or sick pay.

The national rally will assemble at 11.00 a.m. on Tuesday, 3rd May at the Customs House, Dublin 1 and march to Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

These workers provide some of our most vital community and care services including care for persons with a disability, the elderly, vulnerable families, meals on wheels and young people.

Among the hundreds of organisations, they work for are Rehab Group, Western Care, Pieta House, Local Employment Services, Ability West, Inclusion Ireland, Local Community Partnerships, Job Clubs, LEADER projects and the Irish Wheelchair Association, as well as many home support services across the Dublin region.

Radiographers Registration Board Notice of Election 2015 and Request for Nominations

SIPTU members working as Radiographers and Radiation Therapists are advised CORU are seeking to hold elections for (6) positions to the radiographer registration board in early December 2015.

The following notice refers to both radiographers and radiation therapists and states:

‘As provided for in the Election of Members for Appointment to the Radiographers Registration Board Bye-Law 2014, this is the official notice of the holding of the 2015 election of six members to the Radiographers Registration Board and request for nominations of candidates.

Vacancies arise in the following Three Electoral Categories

Category 1: Three vacancies for registrants who are engaged in the practice of the profession of radiographer or radiation therapist

Category 2: Two vacancies for registrants who are engaged in the management of services provided by the profession of radiographer or radiation therapist

Category 3: One vacancy for registrants who are engaged in education provided for the profession of radiographer or radiation therapist’

Please note that nominations are being requested by CORU to be received by the returning officer no later than the 16th November 2015.

Should any SIPTU member wish to put themselves forward for a position please email ask@siptuhealth.ie for more details.

SIPTU urge all Radiographers and Radiation Therapists to get State registered

All SIPTU members working as Radiographers and Radiation Therapists are being reminded to apply to register with CORU by the October 31st 2015.

SIPTU Sector Organiser, with responsibility for all Allied Health Professionals, Kevin Figgis said: “We are running an awareness campaign throughout October on SIPTUhealth.ie and social media to ensure that no member is left behind when the date closes for State registration on October 31st 2015.

Speaking to SIPTUhealth.ie Mr Figgis said: “State registration is compulsory under the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005 for all Radiographers and Radiation Therapists. We believe that professional registration protects patients and the strengths development of professional standards and ethics in the workplace. It underpins the need for registrants to prioritise continuous professional development as well as progressing complaints and fitness to practice.”

Mr Figgis added: “SIPTU will actively campaign throughout October to assist and support our members to register. We will also encourage all Radiographers and Radiation Therapists to join SIPTU and organise to ensure that professional registration is a positive component of their professional development in our health service.”

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SIPTU Health Activist Training

On Wednesday the 11th of February SIPTU Health Shop Stewards came together in Portlaoise for activist training and get an update on the next steps of the Better Health Care, Better Jobs campaign.

A broad selection of voices and workers within our health service attended the training from Wicklow, Kildare, Laois, Offaly and the wider Midlands area.

There was great energy and enthusiasm in the packed room for the campaign (picture above) and members discussed how SIPTU members and activists can work together to deliver a fairer, more equitable health service for all.