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Kevin Figgis

Kevin Figgis is a Sector Organiser in SIPTU’s Health Division.

Kevin became a full time SIPTU official in 2004 and throughout this time has organised in health, and represented core health care workers.

Kevin has served all grades through the Division in each of the Sectors but has had national responsibility for Allied Health Professionals since the end of 2006 and for national Nursing and Midwifery since 2012.

Kevin is a member of the Irish Congress of Trade Union’s Public Services Committee and the Health Service National Joint Council.

Kevin also represented SIPTU in the negotiations of the Croke Park and Haddington Road agreements.

Prior to his work with SIPTU Kevin spent 15 years on the frontlines of our health service having began work in St Vincent’s University Hospital in 1989. Kevin gained experience across a number of support grades before working his way up to the position of Ward Orderly.

Kevin was also awarded a Masters in Industrial Relations and HR Management from Keele University in 2008.

Sean Nolan

Sean Nolan is the Sector Organiser for all grades within the Ambulance service with nationally responsibility for Ambulance Officers, Leading Emergency Medical Technicians, Emergency Medical Controllers, Advanced Paramedics, Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, Intermediate Care Operatives, despatchers and line managers.

As an Industrial Organiser with SIPTU with over 17 years experience and having previously been a Shop Steward for 18 years Sean represents SIPTU members on the IARC (Irish Ambulance Representative Council) and the NEMCB (National Emergency Medical controllers Body)

These committees have the national responsibility for negotiating terms and conditions of all grades within the ambulance service except the Officers grades and for matters concerning members in control centres.

Sean also represents members on the National Ambulance Sector Committee (link) which deals with all aspects of conditions for ambulance members, organising of members, communications, work place structures, Shop Stewards training and nominating delegates to National Conferences.

Tony Kenny

Tony Kenny is a Sector Organiser in the SIPTU Health Division with special responsibility for the West of Ireland.

Stretching from Limerick to Donegal Tony assists with the co-ordination of all of SIPTU’s activities in Health.

Tony pays particular attention on organising members and puts a heavy emphasis on communications, work place structures, and representative training and development.

Tony deals with any Industrial Relations issues that arise within the Health Division.

Tony also has National responsibility for the Intellectual Disability Sub Sector within SIPTU.

As an Industrial Organiser with SIPTU since 1998, and as a Shop Steward before that Tony has gained vast experience across all Sectors in many diverse employments.

Tony has also represented SIPTU in the negotiation of the Haddington Road Agreement, and other National Agreements.

Marie Butler

Marie Butler joined the SIPTU Health Division in 2011 and organises from Cork to Carlow in Area South for the Union.

Marie is responsible for over 10,000 SIPTU members across HSE South, HSE South East in all areas of employment whether in the private or voluntary healthcare sector.

Marie coordinates on the collective issues arising in Area South and has recently set up a national Health Care Assistants Committee.

Marie is actively pursuing an agenda for Health Care Assistants that includes registration, a HCA job description, ongoing training and the professionalisation of this vital public service.

A keen and experienced negotiator Marie was a member of the SIPTU team that secured the terms of the Haddington Road Agreement.

Marie has worked full time for SIPTU since 1996 and was Branch Secretary of the Waterford Branch from 1999 to 2009 and also served as secretary of the Waterford Council of Trade Unions from 2007 – 2010.

Before joining SIPTU Marie worked for 17 years in Hasbro – a toy manufacturer in Waterford.