SIPTU Home Care

SIPTU Health is actively pursuing a national agenda on behalf of our members working in home care. A document is being produced and will be circulated to members and workplaces shortly. Below is a brief summary of the issues raised by members through their shop stewards. 

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SIPTU members’ demands for better Home Care 

  • A review of contracts of employment – to take into account paid travel time and the elimination of the banking of hours system.
  • A full review of staffing and the replacement of home care workers who retire.
  • The introduction of fortnightly pay
  • A review of financial centres to ensure late payment of mileage is resolved.
  • SIPTU negotiated pay and conditions – including a review of the work undertaken by home care workers under the job evaluation scheme reintroduced as part of the Lansdowne Road agreement.
  • National Agenda


 A full review of the contracts is with the Workplace relations Commission (WRC)

Working over contracted hours

Working under contracted hours

Banking of hours

Related issues

This review will cover all matters relating to Contracts and may include a new work system to include travel time paid as an hourly rate and to eliminate the banking of hours. eliminate the banking of hours and to take account of the payment of travel time.

This may result in a new working pattern to include weekends and public holidays as standard. 

We will keep you informed, as negotiations progress through the new SIPTU Health App. General meetings will take place early in the New Year once the WRC has completed its work.

Working Hours:

The European TYCO directive and the impact on the hours of work of Home Helps.



This will be addressed as part of the Workplace relations Commission (WRC) review of contracts. (See above)


Most areas are Short staffed so work is being outsourced.

Staff who retire are not being replaced.

A full review of staffing levels is being undertaken in all areas and Management has given a written commitment that all home care packages are to be given to HSE Home Helps in the first instance. SIPTU are pursuing the replacement of staff as an ongoing IR issue.

Wages and Travel:

Most staff have a preference for Fortnightly Pay.

The late payment of mileage is causing significant financial issues.

As part of the ongoing IR agenda. SIPTU is pursing:

The introduction of fortnightly pay and a review of financial centres to ensure that the Late Payment of Mileage in some HSE areas is resolved.


Pay and Conditions:

 A Review of the work undertaken by Home Helps will take place under the Job Evaluation system agreed in the Lansdowne Road agreement.


For more information contact

SIPTU National Home Helps Committee.

Industrial Official – Ted Kenny
Chair – Carmel Barron
Vice Chair – Geraldine McNamara.
Secretary – Katherine Dowling.