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Industrial Action Update: Area Director of Nursing in Mental Health

SIPTU representatives have confirmed that members within the grade of Area Director of Nursing in Mental Health will undertake industrial action as and from 08:00hrs Wednesday, 28th July 2021.

SIPTU Nursing Sector Organiser, John McCamley said: “The industrial action is being taken given the failure of the HSE to implement the outcome of an independent grading review of the Area Director of Nursing position as committed to, by the employer. It has not been possible to resolve this dispute and notice has been served on the employer to confirm industrial action will take place as and from 08:00hrs on the 28th July. SIPTU representatives have confirmed we are available to prioritise engagement with the HSE and Department of Health to resolve the dispute between parties.”

It is requested you bring this update to the attention of all SIPTU members and request no action is taken by any member of our union which would be deemed to undermine the action being taken by our members employed as Area Directors of Nursing.

Any queries can be directed to the local Area Director of Nursing, SIPTU local representative or SIPTU Health Official.

List of industrial actions.

  • Area DONs will not answer phone calls except those from nursing staff who report to Area Directors of Nursing.
  • Area DONs will only reply to emails sent by nurses who report to Area Directors of Nursing
  • Area DONs will no longer provide any governance for CAMHS community services as this was part of the extended role for Area Directors of Nursing
  • Area DONs will no longer provide any governance for MHID CMHTs as this was part of the extended role for Area Directors of Nursing
  • Area DONs will no longer provide any governance for Liaison Teams as this was part of the extended role for Area Directors of Nursing
  • Area DONs will disengage from all Executive CHO structures
  • Area DONs will disengage from 7/7 Day Service implementation of services.
  • Area DONs will disengage from Workforce Planning/HR processes /Business case completion etc.
  • Area DONs will disengage from National and Local Service Development and Working groups e.g.: SRF/Connecting for Life
  • Area DONs will disengage from Health and Safety CHO governance meeting participation
  • Area DONs will withdraw from any group/meeting that is not solely nursing related
  • Area DONs will withdraw from all Area Management Team functions.
  • Area DONs will not approve the release of staff to participate in non-mandatory training.
  • Area DONs will not engage with Slaintecare
  • Area DONs will not participate with roll out of E-rostering
  • Area DONs will not participate with integrated risk management framework.
  • Area DONs will not engage with capital and any service developments
  • Area DONs will not participate in interview boards.
  • Area DONs will not furnish any reports to disciplines or manager grades outside of nursing.
  • Area DONs will not participate in MHC monthly walk arounds with ECD and GM
  • MHS Compliance and all audits conducted by nursing will be reported to the Area DON in line with reporting relationships.
  • No nominations by Area DON of nursing staff to any interview boards
  • Non approval of release of nursing staff to attend non-nursing meetings (CMHT-Clinical/Service Users meeting exempt)
  • IPC reports conducted by nursing will be reported to the Area DON who will manage these reports.
  • Audits conducted by nursing staff will be directed to the Area Director of Nursing Office for processing, including National Clinical Programmes, ligature audits
  • Area DONs will not process any third party organisation invoices.
  • LIG Meetings – not attending
  • JRG Meetings – not attending
  • Area DON’s will no longer be responding to formal complaints received from Senior Management/HSE Structures or engaging in the process
  • Area DON’s will no longer be responding to Freedom of Information requests or the review of material with a view to redaction prior to the release of responses to FOI requests
  • Area DON’s will no longer be responding to or participating in the development of any corporate responses to Parliamentary questions
  • Area DON’s will not engage with external employment agency organisations and will only manage line management staff resources that are direct HSE employees.
  • Area DONs will not take any governance responsibility for CAMHS / MHID community structures and will re-deploy staff as required from community CAMHS, MHID teams and other service areas to support core nursing services and ensure safe working practices.
  • Area DONs will only release nursing staff trainers in line with HR Circular 043/2020




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SIPTU members in St Brigid’s to ballot for strike action

SIPTU members working as assistants and care workers in St Brigid’s Mental Health Intellectual Disability services in Ballinasloe, county Galway, are to ballot for strike action next week.

SIPTU Organiser, Liz Cloherty, said: “SIPTU representatives have been engaged with HSE Galway/Roscommon Mental Health Services on the reconfiguration to a social model of care of the mental health and intellectual disability services in Ballinasloe. Following actions by HSE senior management to outsource the work of our members, contrary to public service agreements, coupled with the fact that management has dismissed previous Labour Court recommendations, our members have been left with no option but to ballot for strike action.”

SIPTU member in St Brigid’s, Siobhan Turley, said: “We feel that management has not listened to us. It seems our views have absolutely nothing to do with patient care. We have looked after these people for years, on the frontline, and have the experience to continue providing the best care and service possible. It’s very disheartening to think that management can overlook us and outsource our essential work without any consultation.”

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Risk Assessment for COVID- 19 Vaccination for HCW

SIPTU representatives received the following update from the HSE on Risk Assessment for COVID- 19 Vaccination for HCW.

Click here for read letter to Unions and management from Chief Clinical Officer of the HSE, Colm Henry

Click here for latest draft guidelines.

We understand these documents will be circulated to staff on Tuesday 20th July.

More information will be available in our SIPTU Health Industrial Newsletter this Wednesday, 21st July.

If you have any questions or queries please email ask@siptuhealth.ie

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Healthcare workers “deeply offended” by lack of employer recognition for COVID work.

Healthcare workers are “deeply offended” by a lack of proposal from the HSE to recognise their efforts in the fight against COVID.

Health sector unions met with the employers at the Workplace Relations Commission today, where the HSE said that they had no mandate to make an offer.

Unions had sought some form of special recognition for the staff, dating back to late 2020. Both the Taoiseach and Tánaiste have indicated that they would support some recognition, but no offer has yet been presented.

Health service employers in France, Northern Ireland, Denmark and elsewhere have offered staff bonuses or pay increases in recognition of their work and sacrifices over the past year.

Tony Fitzpatrick, chair of the National joint Council of Health Sector trade unions (SIPTU, INMO, Fórsa IMO, MLSA Unite, Connect, and Craft unions)


“Healthcare workers have given their all in the fight against COVID. They have adapted rapidly, worked far beyond their normal duties, and thousands have caught the virus in the line of duty.

“Our members are deeply insulted that the government are still not making any proposals to recognise their efforts. We are now facing into a fourth wave of COVID, with no sign of meaningful recognition in respect of the ongoing efforts made by healthcare workers since the onset of the pandemic. 

“After all the hard work and extreme risk, it beggar’s belief that the HSE has once again come to the table empty handed.”

The Workplace Relations Commission will reconvene a meeting with the unions and the employer on this issue on the 5th of August 2021.

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SIPTU Health Weekly Members Update

Next Tuesday, (6th, July) a claim on behalf of all health workers is due before the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC)

SIPTU Health Division representatives welcome the intervention from the WRC in an effort to resolve this impasse. It is on record that the Health Service Staff Panel of Unions lodged a claim last December with the health service employers seeking recognition for the trojan efforts of all health care workers throughout this one in a lifetime pandemic.

For months, union representatives have continued to push for a satisfactory outcome with some success. However, our efforts have stalled in recent weeks and there is a growing frustration among our members over the delay in having this claim heard and addressed.  

A special members update on any progress made will issue following the outcome of the WRC process.

Job Evaluation resumes

The National Support Staff Job Evaluation Monitoring Committee received confirmation this week that evaluators have recommenced the completion of the remaining evaluations under phase 4 of the scheme. 

Evaluations were put on hold as a result of the cyber attack.

Cyber attack update

SIPTU representatives were advised this week following the recent cyber attack that access to email, online payslips and online servers is progressing.

Payroll continues to run as normal. HSE has assured SIPTU representatives that every effort has gone into capturing and processing all premiums, overtime and additional items. Any issues if applicable will be rectified in the coming weeks.

The HSE have reminded all staff to continue to exercise extreme caution when accessing and opening HSE emails as the IT system continues to come back on stream.

If you have any queries about your pay, contact your time returning officer or local payroll team. 

Payroll contact details are available here.

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