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13/02/2015 Comments are off Health Division


We refer again to the ongoing campaign which continues to grow and strengthen with each week.

As you will have seen, from the recent updates, the NMBI Board is meeting, probably the first week of March, to consider a proposal to amend the fee. Our three unions welcome this decision and we await the outcome of the Board’s deliberations.

In the context of the campaign we would also point out that the accounts, of NMBI, published recently confirm that, in 2013, €33 approx. out of a retention fee of €88, was paid to outside parties in the form of legal and professional fees.  The total cost of professional and legal fees was about €2 million with no explanation of daily rates/hours worked or other details.

At the same time NMBI continues to refuse to make any contribution to the costs incurred by a registrant who finds her/himself having to respond to any complaint, even if it is found to have no foundation, under the fitness to practice process.

This is one of the reasons why the campaign continues and, at this time, we would particularly stress the following:

  1. Members are again asked to pay the €100 fee, when they can, maintaining a record of the payment and submitting their PIN number with same.
  1. Members are also asked to wear their campaign badge thus visibly demonstrating their support for, and participation in, the campaign.
  1. Members are again asked to submit letters, to the President of NMBI, seeking answers to specific questions with regard to lines of expenditure etc.

We again thank the thousands of members who joined and are supporting this campaign. We must now further consolidate our stance, on this issue, which continues to seek the restoration of the €100 fee before any discussions, on other matters, can begin.




Further updates will issue in the coming days.

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