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Transfer of Tasks from Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors to Nurses/Midwives under the Nursing/Medical Section of the Haddington Road Agreement.

Following intensive negotiations before Christmas, SIPTU Health understand approval has been issued by DPER to the Dept of Health to confirm an increase in 4th years student nurse/midwife pay (36 week placement) to 70% of the staff nurse scale.

We also understand that incremental credit of the 36 week placement will also apply for existing and future 4th year student nurse/midwife placement upon appointment.

A review mechanism is also proposed in order to identify the effects of these changes on recruitment. Within this review, application of incremental credit for those who did not receive same between 2011-2015 will be referred by the unions as this remains outstanding.

A full statement will issue later.

Please find attached document here

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