HSE confirm no proof of NMBI Payment until 30th April 2015

Nurses and Midwives are being advised they do not have pay the increased NMBI retention fee of €150 by the 1st of January 2015 and being encouraged to pay €100 only to the NMBI when they can afford it.

In a joint statement from SIPTU/INMO/PNA thousands of nurses and midwives, who have supported the campaign, in opposition to this NMBI fee increase, over the last number of weeks were thanked and encouraged to stay strong.
Sector Organiser Kevin Figgis said that despite the frequently threatening, and at times contradictory, statements, from NMBI, thousands of nurses and midwives have followed the campaign and will, when their personal circumstance allows, pay €100, by cheque/postal order or credit transfer, to NMBI.

Mr Figgis also assured members that the HSE confirmed it would not take any nurse or midwife, off the payroll, pending further developments; and that the Department of Health confirmed they are continuing to engage, with the NMBI, with a view to resolving the current impasse.

A circular realised by the HSE confirmed that registration is not required before 30th April 2015 and therefore there is no necessity to request verification of payment from nurses and midwives before that date.

Speaking to SIPTUhealth.ie Mr Figgis said NMBI also confirmed it will issue a second renewal notice on the 2 February, allowing a further 28 days for payment, before the issue could go before the Board and that all nurses and midwives are entitled to practice nursing and midwifery once registered, and no change in registration status can occur before March of 2015 at the very earliest.

We would ask members to realise that this campaign of opposition is not just about the proposed fee increase for 2015.  We would ask members to recall that the fee was increased, by over 12%, this time last year and NMBI have clearly said they reserve their position, with regard to further increases, for 2016 and beyond.  This, obviously, completely ignores the income reductions that nurses and midwives have suffered, in recent years, and NMBI, as a monopoly, cannot increase its fees by 50% and maintain credibility.

Mr Figgis also thanked every member for the response to the social media picture protest.

“Our members uploaded pictures, from workplaces all over the country and that has given the campaign a great boost. The response clearly shows massive support for this campaign. These pictures have been sent to local TDs/Senators, many of whom have responded through Twitter/Facebook, indicating their support for our campaign and the payment of €100 as an annual retention fee.”

Badges, confirming payment of €100 and that you are still registered, will be distributed, to workplaces, in the early days of the New Year, and we would ask members to wear them when at work to keep the campaign strong and all nurses and midwives united,” concluded Mr Figgis.

Note to members making a payment to the NMBI:

When making this €100 payment, after 05th January, it should be made through one of the following methods; By Cheque; or Postal Order; or Credit Transfer

NMBI bank details are:

Sort Code – 901490

A/C – 97384636


IBAN – IE09BOF190149097384636

Bank name – Bank of Ireland

Bank address – Baggot Street Lower

When making the payment of €100, regardless of which of the three methods used, members should quote their unique NMBI Pin Number and maintain a record of payment.

Latest circular from HSE

HSE Policy on Certification 

Further update on method of payment


SIPTU and other health unions are urging members to stay united and to immediately cancel any direct debit they have with the NMBI if they have not already done so.

Sector Organiser Kevin Figgis said that only after 05th January 2015 members should make a payment of €100 to NMBI but assured any SIPTU member that may be under financial pressures over the Christmas period that making their payment of €100 in January/early February is perfectly fine.

Mr Figgis also confirmed that as part of on-going campaign to stop the unjustified NMBI increase a Workplace Social Media Event has been planned for Wednesday, 17th December which will allow members, in all workplaces across the country, demonstrate their commitment to, and participation in, the campaign.

Mr Figgis also confirmed that over the New Year badges will be sent to allow members to display and confirm that they are registered, have paid their €100 and are participating in this campaign.

“This co-ordinated and strong campaign between SIPTU, INMO and the PNA will allow all union members show mutual solidarity and provide for a visible expression of participation in the campaign,” concluded Mr Figgis.

Note to members

When making this €100 payment, after 05th January, it should be made through one of the following methods;

  • By Cheque; or Postal Order; or Credit Transfer

In relation to payment via credit transfer members should contact their union for the bank account details of NMBI required to organise the €100 payment. Also when making the payment of €100, regardless of which of the three methods used, members should quote their unique NMBI Pin Number and maintain a record of payment.

SIPTU urges Nurses and Midwives to ignore NMBI renewal letter

SIPTU has urged members in the Nurses and Midwifery Sector to ignore the recent renewal letter sent by the NMBI, to continue the campaign of non payment of the unfair registration increase and to make sure that they attend the protest of the NMBI offices on the 18th of November.

Sector Organiser Kevin Figgis said that the protest on the 18th of November outside the NMBI offices in Blackrock, Dublin, is of great importance if SIPTU members are to send the message loud and clear that Nurses and Midwives have had enough and that they are not prepared to pay another unjustified increase or tax on work.

“All our members are advised to make no payment to NMBI, at this time, and await further advice from SIPTU and even at this late stage, we would ask all members, who have not already done so, to immediately cancel their direct debit to NMBI so that no payment in excess of €100 is made.”


 The two immediate next steps, involving all members, can be summarised as follows:

  • When you receive your renewal notice you are asked to make no payment, at this time. Furthermore members are asked to wait further advice, from your unions, as to when a payment of €100 (the existing fee) should be made maintaining a record of such payment.
  • Members should arrange to attend the public protest at 12.00 noon, outside NMBI HQ, on Tuesday, 18th November 2014.