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Support the call for a new inquest into the Stardust nightclub disaster

The ‘They Never Came Home’ Campaign is calling for a new inquest into the Stardust nightclub disaster which claimed 48 young lives on 14th February 1981. The original inquest into the tragedy was held in March 1982 when little detail was known about the events of that night. There is now much more detail known which has increased the suspicion concerning the events surrounding the disaster.

In order to support the call for a new inquest, people are requested to fill in postcards which are available at the front desk of Liberty Hall. The postcards contain a request to the Attorney General to exercise his right under Section 24 of the Coroners Act 1962 to grant a fresh inquest into the disaster.

There is no need to personally mail the postcards as our colleague Gerry Harris will collect them and ensure their delivery on behalf of the campaign.

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