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27/03/2017 Comments are off SIPTUhealth

SIPTU Nursing encourages members participation to enhance nursing and midwifery roles and career pathways

The Minister for Health, Mr Simon Harris, TD and the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), Dr Siobhan O’Halloran, have today (Monday, 27th March) launched the public consultation process on the following two nursing and midwifery draft policies:

Community nursing and midwifery response to an integrated Model of Care
The model of care proposed in this draft policy is one that offers the individual, family and community a range of choices. This will be facilitated through the re-organisation of the existing nursing and midwifery workforce in the community to provide a proactive rather than reactive model of care.

Graduate, specialist and advanced nursing and midwifery practice
The draft policy will present a framework for graduate, specialist and advanced nursing and midwifery practice capable of developing a critical mass of nurses and midwives to address emerging and future service needs including driving integration between services. The overarching principle underpinning the policy is to develop the nursing and midwifery resource in response to patient and service need.

The Chief Nursing Officer in the Department of Health has commenced a process to consult on the following policies:

  1. Development of a Community Nursing and Midwifery Response to an Integrated Model of Care
  2. Developing a Policy for Graduate, Specialist and Advanced Nursing & Midwifery Practice

SIPTU Nursing encourages members’ participation and there are a number of ways in which SIPTU members can contribute; 

  1. Attend a regional consultation
  2. Complete our survey on the policies:-
  3. Engage in the discussion on Twitter by tagging @chiefnurseire and @siptuhealth

All submissions received by the Department are subject to the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act, 2014 and may be released in response to an FOI request.

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