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SIPTU calls on Nurses and Midwives to stay united

Further to our on-going campaign of opposition, to the fee increase being sought by NMBI, we ask SIPTU members to note the following:

  • In recent days SIPTU have received numerous queries, from members, indicating they were experiencing difficulties, with NMBI, when they sought to cancel their direct debits;
  • In response to this we now attach, for your attention and information, copy of letter, sent today, to the CEO of NMBI which is self-explanatory. We will advise you, immediately, when we receive a reply from the CEO;
  • In addition to cancelling any direct debits, which remain in place, we continue to advise members to await direction, as to when to pay the existing €100 fee to NMBI;
  • The NMBI Board is meeting again today. The President has indicated that he will update us on their position, re the fee, following discussions, on this issue, at today’s meeting. We will, of course, also advise you of any developments, and response from the Board immediately.

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