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Section 39 WRC Proposals

SIPTU members in Section 39 members considering the proposals for full pay restoration it should focus on the progress they have made since the launch of their pay justice campaign.

While there is still some road left to travel it is very important that we consider the success of our campaign to date.

Thanks to the efforts of members, shop stewards and activists the Government and Section 39 employers are in no doubt of the determination to win pay justice.

The Government’s strategy for dealing with Section 39 workers from the start was very simple. They firstly imposed cuts in pay and attempted to break the pay relationship with public service pay scales.

They also fought hard to maintain this position by continually stressing that Section 39 Health and Social Care workers are not public servants.

They have now had to accept that such an approach will not be accepted.

Three steps to Section 39 Full Pay Restoration:

  • €1,000 from 30th April 2019
  • 50% of outstanding restoration paid on 1st October 2020
  • Final payment completing 100% restoration paid on 1st October 2021

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