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Lansdowne Road Proposals Pay Restoration

The following breakdown of will show how the phases of pay restoration will occur:


  • PHASE ONE: 1st January – The pension levy threshold (the salary amount above which the levy is payable) increases to €24,750 (from the current threshold of €15,000).
  • Annualised salaries up to €24,000 will increase by 2.5% through a partial reversal of the 2010 public service pay cut.
  • Annualised salaries between €24,001 and €31,000 will increase by 1% via the same mechanism.
  • PHASE TWO: 1st September – Pension levy threshold increases to €28,750.
  • The combination of these measures in 2016 will improve all public service full time incomes by around €1,000 per annum


  • PHASE THREE: 1st September – Annualised salaries up to €65,000 increase by €1,000 per annum.

Pay restoration for staff earning more than €65,000 negotiated as part of the Haddington Road Agreement (HRA) will apply on 1st April 2017 and 1st January 2018.

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