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NMBI Social Media Event

As a further action in the ongoing campaign of opposition to the proposed NMBI retention fee increase, SIPTU and the other health unions are organising a social media event between 12.00 noon on Wednesday, 17th December 2014 and 3.00 p.m. on Friday, 19th December 2014.

Sector Organiser Kevin Figgis said the event will increase awareness, amongst the general public, and visibly show all politicians, in this country, that nurses and midwives are not going to pay this 50% increase but will continue to pay the current €100 fee.

“On Wednesday, 17th December, after 12.00 noon, this “Thunderclap” is planned to allow every nurse/midwife to demonstrate their solidarity with this campaign. Once the event is captured, from each individual workplace, it will create a massive visual presentation, of opposition to the fee increase, from every workplace across the country.

Our advice to members is to keep the campaign of resistance going and this thunderclap is a simple, straightforward but effective opportunity to demonstrate that every workplace, is fully supportive of, and committed to, this campaign.”


Download the latest update including meeting of NMBI and reminder about cancelling direct debits

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