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SIPTU and other health unions are urging members to stay united and to immediately cancel any direct debit they have with the NMBI if they have not already done so.

Sector Organiser Kevin Figgis said that only after 05th January 2015 members should make a payment of €100 to NMBI but assured any SIPTU member that may be under financial pressures over the Christmas period that making their payment of €100 in January/early February is perfectly fine.

Mr Figgis also confirmed that as part of on-going campaign to stop the unjustified NMBI increase a Workplace Social Media Event has been planned for Wednesday, 17th December which will allow members, in all workplaces across the country, demonstrate their commitment to, and participation in, the campaign.

Mr Figgis also confirmed that over the New Year badges will be sent to allow members to display and confirm that they are registered, have paid their €100 and are participating in this campaign.

“This co-ordinated and strong campaign between SIPTU, INMO and the PNA will allow all union members show mutual solidarity and provide for a visible expression of participation in the campaign,” concluded Mr Figgis.

Note to members

When making this €100 payment, after 05th January, it should be made through one of the following methods;

  • By Cheque; or Postal Order; or Credit Transfer

In relation to payment via credit transfer members should contact their union for the bank account details of NMBI required to organise the €100 payment. Also when making the payment of €100, regardless of which of the three methods used, members should quote their unique NMBI Pin Number and maintain a record of payment.

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