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Leadership-in-Action for Healthcare Professionals

Thursday 4th October 2018

Leadership-in-Action for Healthcare Professionals

Ms Kathleen Kinsella

Programme Summary:

This short programme will provide participants with evidenced based knowledge to develop nurses’ theoretical and practical understanding of effective leadership. Participants’ are introduced to models of leadership utilised in nursing, midwifery and healthcare delivery, that draw on leading as a means of promoting evidence based practice and quality care. Leadership is demonstrated through values based care that is driven by ethics and excellence, thereby enhancing participants’ confidence, skills and competences.


Programme Aims:

  1. To provide participants with up-to-date, evidenced based knowledge for the development of nurses’ and midwives’ theoretical and practical understanding of leadership by appraisal, analysis and application of the principles of leadership.
  2. To support participants in enhancing their confidence, skills and competences through leadership.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

  1. Introduce the central concepts and approaches in leadership, in order to provide participants with an understanding of the principal components of leadership theory and its application healthcare;
  2. Critically discuss how a sound knowledge of leadership principles will contribute to improving patient care delivery by self and others in diverse areas of practice;
  3. Critically evaluate how leadership principles and processes will contribute to ethical values based best practice;
  4. Critically analyse how knowledge of leadership and the practice of leading will promote evidence based practicein others thus enhancing participants’ skills and competences in care delivery;
  5. Critically evaluate approaches to healthcare and organisational models of healthcare that draw on leadership concepts and practices as a means to providing quality based care delivery.

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