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Get to know the SIPTU Health Care (HCA) sector

Our Objective:

To be the “Go to Union” for all HCAs and related grades and create a sector in which to organise and represent our members.  Development of a ‘Go to Place’ for new members to join our Union.

Our Vision:

 To become a leading contributor and driver in the future development of the Health Care Assistants role, in a National, European and International context for the betterment of those we care for, and those who provide the service.”

Our Agenda:

Has twin objectives, recognition and development of the role, and SIPTU negotiated pay and conditions. 

  1. Registration and recognition
  2. National job description and appropriate workplace uniform.
  3. Ongoing education training, development and progression.
  4. SIPTU negotiated pay and conditions.


Our Campaign:

  1. SIPTU is the only trade union with negotiation rights for HCA’s and related grades.
  2. The SIPTU Health Care (HCA) sector is organising and building a strong collective base so we can represent the grade collectively in Ireland Europe and beyond.
  3. The SIPTU Health Care (HCA) sector are lobbying the Department of Health and the HSE to establish a permanent National Forum for HCA’s and related grades so that SIPTU members we will have influential voice in the future development of the grade and deliver the SIPTU Health Care sector (HCA) 4-point agenda.

Recent Developments.

 The SIPTU Health Division made substantial progress and won accelerated pay restoration of all public service workers both the Lansdowne Road Agreement and its successor the Public Service Stability Agreement. This agreement included the increase of the pension levy threshold – removing all those earning under €34,000 from the pension levy over the lifetime of the agreement. SIPTU also fought hard for and won protections from the privatisation of public sector jobs.

The SIPTU Health Division championed HCA’s and related grades in relation to the changing roles and responsibilities of their practice and succeeded in securing a job evaluation scheme, which is underway in selected sites across the country.

The SIPTU Health Division stood up for workers who were employed under the HSE intern scheme, many of whom were HCA’s and we succeeded in gaining permanency after 18 months instead of the previously agreed 24 months.

In the recent public pay talks, SIPTU achieved incremental credit for any time now permanent members of staff spent as an intern.

1st AGM of SIPTU HealthCare Sector (HCA) Oak Room, Mansion House, 30th March 2016 

At our first AGM we were able to report that a significant part of our agenda had been achieved, when the Department of Health and the Health Service Executive, agreed to SIPTU’ s request to set up a platform for all stake holders who have an interest in the future role and development of HCA’s and related grades.

SIPTU is representing HCA’s on this forum which was established in November 2016. Starting with a review of the HCA grade across all disciplines the forum will provide a platform for the SIPTU Health Care sector (HCA) to progress our agenda.

Launch of SIPTU HealthCare Sector (HCA) Royal College of Physicians, 26th March 2015

Over 100 HCA’s attended the Launch of the SIPTU Health Care Sector (HCA) in the Royal College of Physicians on the 26th March 2015. Together, with the Minister for Health at the time, Leo Varadkar, key decision makers, and influencers we set course to confirm without a doubt that SIPTU was the only recognised voice and Trade Union for Health Care Assistants.

That day, we called on the Department of Health and the HSE to establish a National Forum for HCA’s and related grades where we could pursue the sector’s agenda with the employer. The launch was attended by the SIPTU General President, Jack O’Connor and ICTU General Secretary Patricia King.

Working the private Sector as a HCA or related Grade?

SIPTU also represents workers in the private sector and we are currently devising a campaign that will ensure all those working in the HCA sector, public or private, will be included in the SIPTU led campaign for recognition for the role. Join today.


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