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27/05/2015 Comments are off Health Division

Flash Mob Freeze for Mental Health Awareness

On Friday the 29th of May at 12pm SIPTU Health will support a Flash Mob Freeze event as part of the green Ribbon Campaign on Henry Street Dublin.

Speaking to Linda Ansley an Instructor Supervisor from EVE Saol Clubhouse said the event is symbolic and will allow people take time out to reflect and be mindful of their own mental health.

“The High Hopes choir will sing as Henry Street halts time in honour of the green Ribbon Campaign. The Green Ribbon annual campaign which is in its third year, aims to break down stigma by raising awareness and starting conversations about mental health difficulties. Recovery and support is very close to the hearts of the event organisers, EVE/HSE participants, staff and supporters, who provide essential community-based recovery-orientated services for people with mental health difficulties, Intellectual disabilities and Asperger Syndrome.”

SIPTU Divisional Organiser Paul Bell said that SIPTU is very supportive of this campaign and encouraged any health member available on Friday to come along, freeze, get a ribbon and get the conversation started in workplaces.

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