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Correspondence from Department of Health to NMBI provides clarity for Nurses and Midwives

SIPTU, and other health unions, note that the Department of Health has confirmed that no nurse or midwife can be removed from the register for non payment of the increased NMBI retention fee until April 2015.

Sector Organiser Kevin Figgis said that SIPTU is asking members to make their payment of €100 to cover their retention fee in the week beginning Monday 5th January and no later than Friday 9th of January 2015. SIPTU, and other unions also advised that recent correspondence from the Department of Health to the NMBI confirms that no nurse/midwife can be considered, for removal from the register, for non-payment the full increased fee, until April 2015 despite intimidatory statements from the NMBI.

“In response to the success of our protest outside their offices in Blackrock last Tuesday, we are encouraging all members to stand together and continue our strong and united campaign of opposition to this unjustified NMBI increase and tax on our members work.”

Mr Figgis said that NMBI has made a commitment to cooperate fully with all requests to cancel direct debits and is advising any SIPTU member to contact the Union if they are experiencing any difficulties and that the unions will be circulating, badges, which members can display on their lapel, confirming they have made this payment (€100) and can continue to be a registered nurse or midwife.

NMBI Newsflash 21nov14

Copy of Letter to NMBI President

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